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Empowering & Informing
South Carolina Utility Consumers

Building Better Utilities By Informing Consumers

A program of the Public Service Commission of South Carolina, SC Utility Consumer exists to help you--the ratepayer of South Carolina--understand your place in our state's utility economy and how you can save money on your bills, participate in public action, and learn more about utility regulation. 

What is the Public Service Commission (PSC)? 

The PSC is a governmental agency that regulates utilities in South Carolina. The agency's mission is "To Serve The Public Of South Carolina By Providing Open And Effective Regulation And Adjudication Of The State’s Public Utilities, Through Consistent Administration Of The Law And Regulatory Process." 

Essentially, the Public Service Commission functions as a court for cases involving utilities and other regulated companies. The Public Service Commission has broad jurisdiction over matters pertaining to the investor owned electric and gas utility companies, water and wastewater companies, telecommunications companies, motor carriers of household goods, hazardous waste disposal, and taxicabs.

Public Service Commission

101 Executive Center Drive, Suite 100

Columbia, SC 29210